It was in 1984 when BWS started teaching German as a foreign language. Since then thousands of students from all over the world joined our classes and many of them returned a second and sometimes a third time.


Cologne is the oldest of Germany's big cities and is located in the West. It is not only known for its 2000 old history but also for its cultural and architectural heritage. The famous Cologne Cathedral, a gothic masterpiece - and its international events, like the Cologne Carnival attract millions of visitors every year. The historic city center is situated on both side of the Rhine River. Its many Clubs, pubs and restaurants bring a unique vibe to the city. In the evenings the vibrant and trendy nightlife will tempt you with its countless bars, pubs and beer gardens.
Cologne is a modern, lively and cosmopolitan city: hub of its well-known universities, its reputable broadcasting centers and TV production companies as well as trade fairs.
The numerous flea markets, the philharmonic orchestra and the various parks, in which you can relax on sunny days is definitely worth a visit. Popular destinations are also the love locks on the bridge "Hohenzollernbrücke" and the 4711 House where the traditional German "Eau de Cologne" is produced.

Schule und Studenten

2015 it was time to to set up and expand and open up a new school in Cologne. BWS Germanlingua is committed to offering quality German language courses to foreigners in a pleasant environment that respects the values of each participant, with the aim of strengthening communication between different linguistic communities in the world. We do not only focus on teaching the German language, but also the German culture and costumes.

Apart from general German courses, BWS also offers the following programmes:
- Individual Tuition
- Business German
- Mini-Group course


A weekly new program of 3 activities is offered on the notice boards every Monday. The guided activities are optional. The office team can be contacted for advice or information. A notice board also provides information on what to do and where to go and of course on upcoming events in Berlin or Munich.


Bed and breakfast is provided with carefully selected host families. For students who would like to be more independent, a student residence or private apartments are available. - by Thür Lingua AG