The Colon Language Center was founded in 1952 and is nowadays one of the biggest language schools in Germany.


Hamburg, the old trade city was founded in 810 and today has about 1.7 milion inhabitants. Magnificent offices owned by long-established traders and shipowners, as well as the imposing town hall are reminders of the city's Hanseatic trading tradition. The city center is built around the Lake Alster: pedestrian zones and squares, shopping streets, street cafés, restaurants and midieval churches. The city has a subtle maritime and refined atmosphere. Hamburg is an exeptional green city with large parks and gardens. It offers culture for everybody: musicals, opera and ballet, theaters, museums and art galleries. There is also lots of entertainment on the Reeperbahn, in popular and waterfront pubs and in multiplex cinemas.

Schule und Studenten

The school is located in a pedestrian zone in a heart of Hamburg. It has 70 classrooms and there are consistently between 500 and 600 enroled in the courses. The Colon Language Center is recognized as an «Examined Educational Institute» and meets the quality standards of the organisation «Weiterbildung Hamburg e.V.» There is also a foreign language bookshop in the school building, selling modern language learning materials in print, audio and DC-Rom, plus foreign language literature.

Apart from the general German courses, Colon offers the following programmes:
- Private one-to-one classes

Social activities

Hamburg offers a wide variety of leisure activities and tourist attractions. Students can take part in the schools leisure programm, which consists of sightseeings tours, visits to museums or day excursions to Lübeck, Bremen or Sylt. All activities are accompanied by the staff, who also take students to company visits such as a tour of a famous Hamburg brewery, the North German television studios or the local radio station, just to mention a few.


You will be warmly welcomed by one of our German host families. Colon works with over 50 hosts in Hamburg and many have been hosting their students for many years. All families live in good areas of Hamburg and may be reached with public transport (on average 20 min. / max. 45 min.) from the school. You will be the only guest of your nationality with the host family and may thus maximize your language skills. - by Thür Lingua AG