GLS was founded in 1983 and is accredited by the Berlin Senate, by American universities and the Swedish Ministry of Education. Like the Goethe Institute, GLS is an official testing centre for ZD Zertifikat Deutsch.


Berlin the capital of Germany is dynamic, cosmopolitan and creative, allowing for every kind of lifestyle. East meets West in the metropolis at the heart of a changing Europe. Germany's largest city is a city of opportunities just waiting to be seized in all areas, like entertainment, recreation, economy, science and academic life.

Schule und Studenten

The school campus is in Berlin-Schöneberg, one of Berlin's most popular districts, just 15 minutes by bicycle from Brandenburg Gate. It offers many different facilities to enable an excellent learning atmosphere, such as 40 classrooms, a garden, sport facilities, café and free internet access.

Besides the General German-Kurses GLS also offers the following specialised courses:
- One--to-one course
- German for Work
- German course and unpaid internship

Social activities

All courses are complemented by minimum 3 half-day and 1 full-day activity per week, such as visits to the Reichstag or a Jewisch museum, free seminars about German history, finding out about Berlin by night. At weekendends the school arranges excurstions to places outside Berlin. Either hiking in Brandenburg, canoeing in Spreewald or city trips to Potsdam, Hamburg or Leipzig - everything is taken care for.


Ideal if you want to practice your German ?at home?: You have a single room in a flat you share with Germans. Your hosts can be couples (married or not) as well as singles, with or without kids. They can be students, taxi drivers or professors, of all ages and social strata. All hosts have been inspected, and many have been hosting our students for several years. - by Thür Lingua AG